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The Joshua Tree High Desert is an extraordinarily rich artistic region with a very high concentration of visual artists, musicians, writers, and filmmakers. Groundwork Arts taps into this resource and connects our students to art by bringing professional practicing artists into the schools.

ARTISTS whoInspire

Season 4  |  Project 4/28  |  02.01.23

P28_Wire Sculpture_Video Cover-01.png

Season 2  |  Project 4/16  |  05.07.21

Tin Sculptures

P25_Bold Brush_Video Cover-01.png

Season 4  |  Project 1/25  |  10.31.22

Season 2  |  Project 1/13  |  03.01.21

Blind Contour Drawing

P13 Don't Peek blind contour2.jpg
P21_Tshirt_Video Cover-01.png

Season 3  |  Project 4/21  |  01.28.22

P2-33 Stamps_c.png

Season 5  |  Project 2/33  |  10.12.23

S5 P5-36 Illustrated Patched_Cover-01c.png

Season 5  |  Project 5/36  |  02.02.24

P30 Collage_Video Cover-01.png

Season 4  |  Project 6/30  |  04.09.23

P22_Collage_Video Cover-01.png

Season 3  |  Project 5/22  |  01.23.22

P18_Metal Mania_Video Cover-01.png

Season 3  |  Project 1/18  |  10.25.21

Season 4  |  Project 7/31  |  05.07.23

P31 Soft Sculpture_Video Cover_c.png

Season 2  |  Project 2/14  |  04.05.21

Watercolor Landscapes

P14 Layers_Watercolor Landscapes.jpg
P29 Character Painting_Video Cover-01.png

Season 4  |  Project 5/29  |  03.06.23

P23_Marble Maze_Video Cover-01.png

Season 3  |  Project 6/23  |  03.28.22

S5 P3-34 Shape of Color_Cover_c.png

Season 5  |  Project 3/34  |  10.30.23

Artboard 12 copy 3.png

Season 3  |  Project 3/20  |  01.03.22

P1-32 Journal_c.png

Season 5  |  Project 1/32  |  09.18.23

P26_Animal Murals_Video Cover-01.png

Season 4  |  Project 2/26  |  11.28.22

P24_Portrait_Video Cover-01.png

Season 3  |  Project 7/24  |  04.25.22

Season 2  |  Project 3/15  |  04.25.21

My Favorite Place

P15_Mini Zines.jpeg
P27_Art Cards_Video Cover-01.png

Season 4  |  Project 3/27  |  01.02.23

P19_Abstract Watercolor_Video Cover-01.png

Season 3  |  Project 2/19  |  11.29.21


gubby headshot.jpg

Gubby Beck

Featured Artist

Inspired by her South African heritage, Gubby started drawing animals and tribal patterns when she was only 4 years old. As she matured, her art evolved, developing into more complex surreal illustrations reminiscent of Salvador Dali and Dr. Seuss illustrations. In college, she discovered her love of metals and welding. Whilst still drawing and printmaking, her larger than life sculptures have taken her work to new dimensions. After graduating, Gubby traveled around the U.S. searching for a new place for inspiration. After dabbling in the Venice Beach street art scene, Gubby currently resides in Yucca Valley, California where she creates her steel sculptures, jewelry, and paintings.

David Bottoms.jpg

David Bottoms

Featured Artist

David was born and grew up in eastern Oklahoma. From an early age he wanted to be a painter. David graduated with a fine arts degree from the University of Oklahoma and left for California a week later. He earned an MFA from UCSB and after stays in LA and New York I set up my painting studio in San Francisco. I chanced into making digital art after creating some paintings for Apple Computers. Eventually becoming a motion graphics artist in the tech industry for years. Following that career I moved to the desert to resume my first love, painting.

anja-1 copy.jpg

Anja Broenink

Featured Artist

Anja was born and raised in the Netherlands. There she went to art school studying fashion design and illustration. After graduation Anja worked in the European fashion industry as a designer, illustrator, also in sales and in marketing.


Anja moved to the United States and started her own clothing line, Anya SF.

The SF stands for Slow Fashion. Which means that all the pieces are designed and hand made by Anja in her studio. Each piece is one of a kind, and requires much creativity and time to design and produce.


Anja sells her clothing in stores, galleries, and online at She shows her designs at premiere craft shows across the country. 


Ayin Es

Featured Artist

Ayin Es is a self-taught mixed media artist, writer, and musician from Los Angeles who identifies as transqueer. They are known for their textile narratives, original Artist's books, and whimsical oil paintings that often focus on the high desert landscape. 

Ayin has exhibited in major galleries and universities across the United States. Their paintings and Artist’s books reside in many private and museum collections such as the Getty, Brooklyn Museum, National Museum of Women in the Arts, as well as the Precision Cancer Building of San Francisco State University. A two-time recipient of ARC Grants from the Durfee Foundation and the National Arts and Disability Center, they have also won a Pollock-Krasner Fellowship, the Wynn Newhouse Award, and the Bruce Geller Memorial Award from the American Jewish University. 

As frequent visitor of the Morongo Basin for more than two decades—with a unique love for the area—Ayin eventually moved to Joshua Tree permanently.

Jenny Kane.jpg

Jennifer Kane

Featured Artist

Jennifer Kane is an artist, teacher, and guide from Los Angeles, CA and currently resides in Joshua Tree, California.  Through a multidisciplinary art practice Ms. Kane creates opportunities for communities, both embedded and momentary, to gather in unexpected environments, inspiring a deeper understanding and reconnection to self, other, and place.  This is the landscape of her work, and the paintings, drawings, and writing she produces explore and embody these evolving relationships. Her paintings are held in private collection across the United States, and she still spends part of every summer guiding mountain expeditions in the Sierra.

In 2016, Kane received an MFA in Public Practice from Otis College of Art and Design. Currently she serves as the Executive Director of Arts Connection – the Arts Council of San Bernardino County. She is also a contributing writer to the Mojave Project and KCET Artbound.

Pollnow Photo.jpg

Elisabeth Pollnow

Featured Artist

Elisabeth Pollnow’s art borders on three-dimensional and two-dimensional forms that explore themes found in the natural world. Her early years spent living in isolated areas of North Dakota and Alaska gave her a deep sense of connection to nature. Finding inspiration from her surroundings has been a lifelong focus. Elisabeth has a BA in art from Evangel University and has worked as a professional artist for 15 years. She has worked in the entertainment industry as well as a professional contract sculptor, working on large-scale projects for public monuments within the Los Angeles area. Elisabeth has exhibited in Pasadena, San Fernando, the Morongo Valley and has taught drawing in Orvieto, Italy. She is currently a member of the California Art Club, Morongo Basin Cultural Arts Council, Gallery 62, and Twentynine Palms Artist Guild.

Sandell headshot Sept 2019 b&w.jpeg

Jillian Sandell

Featured Artist

I am an educator and artist who first started drawing at the age of 50. I live in Joshua Tree and living in such close proximity to desert plants and animals has allowed me to observe the subtle shifts in the environment through time. My ink drawings and risograph prints highlight and transform small details of the desert environment into abstract compositions to capture its resilience across both human and geological time. While my zines and cards about living in the desert, cancer treatment, and the minutiae of everyday life mix hand-drawn cartoons, narrative, and abstract images.

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