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One of the most important elements of design is shape. We are always looking for shapes in our surroundings, they make it easier for us to remember things we see. Memorable shapes are easier to recall, they create a mood, they communicate ideas and messages.
7. Shepard-Fairey-We-the-People-cover-1.jpg

Shepard Fairey, We The People, 2017. 3x Screen Prints on Paper. 24 x 18 in.

Color helps tell a story and create a mood. It is just as important as shape in creating a memorable design. These screen prints were created to highlight populations of people who are often overlooked or discriminated against. The red, white, and blue color scheme reflects the American flag, giving a feeling of patriotism and pride. The messaging amplifies these feelings using the well recognized phrase We The People to highlight the diverse American identity.
8. i want to see.png
This imaginary public awareness campaign, created by a design student, contains inspiring messages centered around education. The shapes and colors evoke a childlike playfulness. The blue and pink color scheme amplifies the message of inclusivity, that no matter who you are, no matter your gender, you can be whatever you want in life.
9. come together.jpg
Created in response to the Vietnam War, this poster urges the public to embrace peace.The simplicity of the colors used as well as the shapes is powerful. The red and black creates a sense of urgency, and the clasped hands are eye-catching and unmistakable in its symbolism: we need to stand together.
10. super man.png
Simple shapes also make for very powerful imagery, like the Superman advertising above. Though it is just a simple red line against a blue background, it holds a strong meaning and reflects the spirit of Superman.


These images are representations of unique and powerful positive messages. The How Are You? posters work to relate to the audience, offering reassurance that they are not alone in their problems. Hope Will Never Be Silent builds on the commonly used word hope to encourage people to be active in fighting for their beliefs and what is right.
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